Candidate Career Advice

We take a proactive approach in finding you a position that will allow you to use your skills, grow and advance your career. As part of this we sit with you to devise an individual action plan, including listing jobs and companies that we will target on your behalf.

We will guide and educate you on what is happening in the job market and consult with you to find out exactly what you want – as your next move and as your dream job.

We don’t just sit back and keep you on our books. We contact our top clients to make them aware of who you are and that you are available. We have an extensive client base and really good relationships with our clients. This allows us to actively market you until you find exactly what you are looking for.

And once we’ve found a position for you, we don’t just leave it at that. We stay in touch and maintain a relationship with you, so that we can continue to assist you as you forge your career path.

What you can do

To help us land you your dream job, make sure that you know what is currently happening in the job market in your industry.

Take the time to think about exactly what kind of job you would like – one that suits your skills and qualifications, and your character. Think about what companies you would fit best with – find the ones that have corporate cultures that you would fit into.

We can certainly help you with all of this, but the more you have thought about it, the easier it is for us to do so.